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When your standard of quality matches customers’ demands, excellent performance is the result. That’s the operating philosophy of Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics' OEM manufacturing operation. Consequently, we’ve developed an extensive line of instruments, avionics and electrical accessories that offer outstanding value and reliability.

With more than 49 years of experience in the overhaul, repair, design and manufacturing of aircraft instruments, we have learned how to deliver the performance you need. Many of the products we build are FAA-certified, either via TSO or PMA. That’s why aircraft manufacturers like Cessna, Hawker Beechcraft, Diamond, Lancair, Maule, Mooney, Pilatus, Piper, Aerospatiale and Robinson turn to us for key components. We’re big enough to deliver the quality and volume you need while maintaining our small-company, can-do attitude. Our management knows the business, the industry, and the products. At Mid-Continent we care about giving you the best. Each member of the management team is involved in the company’s day-to-day activities and can be reached readily by phone.

Our knowledgeable, dedicated staff takes pride in their fast response to your orders. With our triple-check quality control process and personal accountability, we are deeply committed to achieving world-class performance and making sure that you’re satisfied.

If product excellence, personal service and great value sound good to you, give us a call.

OEM Products (Partial List)

  • Ammeters
  • Analog Engine Monitoring Instrumentation (Twinline Gauges)
  • Annunciation Control Units
  • APU Monitoring Gauges
  • Attitude Indicators
  • Batteries
  • Cabin Temperature Gauges
  • Directional Gyroscopes
  • Emergency Power Supplies
  • Gyroscope Instruments
  • Inverters
  • Metering Gauges
  • Oxygen Quantity Gauges
  • Precision Rate Transmitters
  • Course Deviation Indicators
  • Quartz Clocks
  • Standby Attitude Modules
  • Switching Devices
  • TAWS
  • Temperature Indicators and Probes
  • Trim Indicators
  • Turn and Slip Indicators
  • Turn Coordinators
  • Vacuum Gauges
  • Voltmeters

When you decide to represent a line of aftermarket equipment, you know your reputation rests on every unit. We know it too.

That’s why every aftermarket product we make is FAA-certified, either via TSO or PMA. It’s also why we build and ship as many as 600 of our Mid-Continent brand gyros each month. It’s why the MD41 annunciator control units are the standard installation in aircraft equipped with approach-certified GPS receivers. And it’s why all our aftermarket products, including our popular MD200 course deviation indicators, are best-sellers—yielding sound profits for avionics dealers like you.

Our success starts with quality. Having complete control over design and manufacturing, we ensure our instruments are built to perform and built to last. While we pride ourselves on the strength of our warranty, the truth is that our product reliability is so strong, that we simply don’t have many warranty returns.

With our triple-check quality process and high degree of personal accountability, our products offer performance that is truly world-class. However, if you should need support, our policy is to make things right in a hurry. In fact, if ever there is a problem, we’ll send a replacement unit overnight and deal with administrative details later. A large inventory of our distributor products ensures that availability is generally not a problem.

Our commitment to support extends well beyond our aftermarket products. We represent Honeywell and United Instruments, to name a few. Mid-Continent offers added value by backing the manufacturer’s warranty with our own, often enhancing your protection in the process.

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