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  • What is an overhaul?
  • What information is needed when ordering an exchange unit?
  • Are overhauled instruments available outright?
  • What is the warranty on an overhauled or repaired unit?
  • Is it less expensive to have a unit overhauled versus getting an exchange?
  • To which location should the core be returned?
  • How many days are allowed to return an exchange core?
  • How are core deposits handled?
  • What is Mid-Continent’s policy on restocking?
  • How soon will an order ship?
  • What about shipping problems?
  • What methods of shipping are acceptable for an instrument?
  • What type of packaging is recommended for shipping an instrument?
  • Are loaner units available?
  • Why are shipping charges so high?
  • What qualifications are necessary to order from Mid-Continent?
  • Which credit cards will Mid-Continent accept?
  • Are net 30-day terms available?


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