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Overhaul & Exchange

For decades we’ve been known as one of the industry’s best sources for overhaul/exchange instruments. But we’re always looking for ways to improve our quality and our service to you — and your customers. So we can provide the performance you demand.

We’ve established an enhanced set of repair standards — standards that always meet the manufacturer’s specifications. We’ve found this helps to ensure that our overhauled instruments perform properly under all operating conditions, giving you an extra measure of confidence.

Providing general aviation with overhaul/exchange instruments has always been the core of our business. Because you need things in a hurry, we maintain an inventory of literally thousands of exchange units at our two facilities.

A single phone call can access our complete product inventory which includes overhauled gyros, pitot-static and engine instruments, to name a few. Since we don’t require an exchange core up front, you can get your customer back in the air without delays due to shipping and paperwork.

Having a quality product is only part of what you get when you call Mid-Continent. That same phone call connects you with knowledgeable technicians who are able to provide a variety of services, from troubleshooting autopilot systems to technical advice.

You can count on receiving the highest quality overhauls and repairs from Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics. Before an instrument leaves our facilities, it passes through the rigorous inspection process we’ve developed through our more than 49 years of experience. By investing extra time in testing, we ensure that once you install a Mid-Continent overhauled instrument the job is complete. We expect our instruments to give you years of dependable service.

We know you’re looking for solutions, not just instruments. We are your source — Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics.

Authorized Service Center Information
Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics is an Authorized Service Center for Bendix/King, Kannad Aviation, Trig Avionics, and United Instruments.

Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics is an Authorized Warranty Service Center for Bendix/King, Kannad Aviation, and Trig Avionics.

To inquire about product-specific services for the businesses listed above, please contact Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics Customer Service.

Popular Overhaul/Exchange Instruments

  • AIM - 205-1BL, 300-14, 305-2B
  • ARC - G-502A, G-519A-1, G-519B-1, G-550A, G-1050A, IG-832A
  • Bendix/King - RDR 2000, KRA 405B
  • Century Flight - 52D136-1333 , 52D137-1333, 52D54, 52D66, 52D67
  • Collins - 328A-3G, 331A-3G, 332D-11A, 332D-11T, 332E-4
  • EGC - 1234T100-7T, 1394T100-7Z, 1394T100
  • General Design - 7125-2, 5550-N
  • JET/L-3 - AI-804
  • King - KCI-310, KG-102A, KG-258, KI-256, KI-525A, KSG-105
  • Mid-Continent - MD26, MD200, MD41, 4300, 4200
  • S-TEC - 6405-14/28L, 6406-14/28L
  • Sigma-Tek - 4000B Series, 5000B Series
  • Sperry - C14-A, C-14D, VG-14A, Tarsyn-333
  • United Instruments - 5035P, 5934P

How Our Overhaul/Exchange Program Works

Place an order online — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or, if preferred, contact a customer service representative at either of our two locations:

+1.316.630.0101    or    800.821.1212
+1.818.786.0300    or    800.345.7599

Once the order is completed, an overhauled instrument is shipped by the carrier of your choice.

Billing is calculated at the exchange price. There are no additional repair charges and crediting is not required if an acceptable* exchange instrument is shipped to us within 30 days. In some cases a core deposit may be required and will be refunded upon receipt of an acceptable core.

If the return unit is corroded, excessively damaged or missing the data plate/serial number, it is not a repairable core and you should advise the aircraft owner immediately. Contact a Mid-Continent representative for alternative pricing for a new or replacement unit, if available.

* You must return a core unit to Mid-Continent with the exact same part number as the overhauled instrument within 30 days to receive the exchange price.

Program Benefits

  • Competitive prices
  • Same-day shipment
  • Faster turnaround than factory exchanges
  • All rotors replaced during gyro overhaul
  • All bearings replaced with new precision bearings
  • All units rebuilt to meet or exceed original factory specifications
  • All units overhauled by experienced technicians
  • Flexible one-year limited warranty
Rockwell Collins Avionics
Model Number
Part Number
DGS-65 622-6136-00X Directional Gyro
DME-40 622-1233-001 DME Transceiver
TDR-90 622-1270-001    Transponder
VHF-20A 622-1879-00X VHF Comm Transceiver
VHF-20B 622-1334-00X VHF Comm Transceiver
VHF-21A 622-6389-0XX VHF Comm Transceiver
VHF-22A 622-6152-0XX VHF Comm Transceiver
VHF-22B 622-6153-0XX VHF Comm Transceiver
VIR-30A 622-0876-XXX NAV Receiver
Honeywell Bendix/King Autopilots and Avionics
Model Number
Part Number
MST-67A 066-01143-XXXX Mode S Transponder
KRA-405B 066-01153-XXXX Radar Altimeter R/T
KRA-405 066-1048-XX Radar Altimeter R/T
KTR-953 064-1015-00 HF Comm Transceiver
ART-2000 071-01519-0101 Radar Transmitter
ART-2100 071-01550-0101 Radar Transmitter
IN-182A 066-3084-XX Weather Radar Display
KI-250 066-3054-XX Radar Altitude Indicator
KRA-10A 066-1061-XX Radar Altimeter Receiver
KVG-350 060-0026-00 Vertical Gyro
RS-811A 071-1373-XX Radar Transmitter/Receiver
Trig Avionics
Model Number
Part Number
TC20 (replacement only) 00649-00 Mode S Transponder
TC21 00675-00-01 Mode S Transponder
TC22 00745-00-01 Mode S Transponder
TC31 00220-00 Panel Mount Transponder
TC31 00220-00-01 Panel Mount Transponder
TC90 (replacement only) 00857-00-01 VHF Comm Radio
TC91 00882-00-01 VHF Comm Radio
TC92 00879-00-01 VHF Comm Radio
Kannad Standard and Compact ELTs (Repair and Warranty Repair)
Model Number
Part Number
Kannad 406 AP S1820502-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AP S1820502-02 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF S1821502-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF S1821502-02 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF-H S1822502-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF-H S1822502-02 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AS S1823502-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AS S1823502-02 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AS-TNC S1823502-03 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 121 AF S1824502-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 121 AF S1824502-02 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 121AF-H S1826502-02 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406AF (6D) S1821502-06 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 SURVIVAL S1823502-05 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AP-H  S1820502-04 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF-COMPACT S1840501-01 Emergency Locator Transmitter
Kannad 406 AF-COMPACT (ER) S1840501-04 Emergency Locator Transmitter
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