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Flight Instruments

Airspeed Indicators

Attitude Indicator Explained: My Air-Driven Instrument Stopped Working

Published 09/12/2019

Many general aviation aircraft use mechanical attitude indicators that rely on a vacuum or pressure pump...

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Accurate Flight Instruments: How Directional Gyros Work

Published 09/06/2019

There’s an old joke where a pilot comes on over the PA and announces he has good news and bad news...

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Airspeed Indicators

Attitude Indicator Explained: My Attitude Indicator Isn't Working

Published 09/05/2019

Depending on your flight plan, failure of the attitude indicator may not keep you from flying...

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Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicators

How Instantaneous Vertical Speed Indicators Combat Lag Time

Published 09/03/2019

Vertical speed indicators (VSI) measure the change in static pressure due to a change in altitude...

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Airspeed Indicators

Airspeed Indicator Explained: Why is my airspeed indicator leaking?

Published 07/26/2019

Every aircraft with a standard category airworthiness certificate must carry a working...

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Attitude Indicators

Attitude Indicator Explained: Why is my attitude indicator precessing?

Published 07/25/2019

Attitude indicator errors can be problematic because AIs are pivotal to keeping airplanes...

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Six-Pack Instruments

The Six Pack: Aircraft instruments explained

Published 07/24/2019

In 1937, the Royal Air Force selected six critical instruments to be installed in nearly all of its aircraft...

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