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Technical Drawings

The technical drawings listed below can also be found on their individual product detail page. Simply enter the part number in the Order Online search box to navigate to the product detail page and click on the Technical Drawing tab.

In addition to technical drawings, product details pages also provide quick and convenient access to product features, specifications and installation manuals when available.

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Airspeed, 2-inch
MD25 (Rev B)
Altimeter, 2-inch
MD15 (Rev C)
MD215 (Rev E)
Annunciation Control Unit
FreeFlight — 2000APR, 2101(ALL)
MD41-624 (Rev NR)
MD41-628(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-628 (Rev NR)
MD41-634 (Rev NR)
MD41-638(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-638 (Rev NR)
MD41-1624 (Rev A)
MD41-1628(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1628 (Rev A)
MD41-1634 (Rev A)
MD41-1638(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1638 (Rev A)
Garmin — GNS 430/530, GNS 430W/530W
MD41-1464A (Rev A)
MD41-1465 (Rev A)
MD41-1468A(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1468A (Rev A)
MD41-1469(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1469 (Rev A)
MD41-1470 (Rev C)
MD41-1474A (Rev A)
MD41-1475 (Rev A)
MD41-1478A(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1478A (Rev A)
MD41-1479(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1479 (Rev A)
MD41-1484W (Rev C)
MD41-1488W (Rev C)
MD41-1494W (Rev B)
MD41-1498W (Rev C)
Garmin — GPS 155/165
MD41-424 (Rev A)
MD41-428(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-428 (Rev A)
MD41-434 (Rev A)
MD41-438(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-438 (Rev A)
MD41-1424 (Rev A)
MD41-1428(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1428 (Rev A)
MD41-1434 (Rev A)
MD41-1438(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1438 (Rev A)
Garmin — GPS 155XL, GNC 300(XL)
MD41-444 (Rev A)
MD41-448(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-448 (Rev A)
MD41-454 (Rev A)
MD41-458(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-458 (Rev A)
MD41-1444 (Rev A)
MD41-1448(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1448 (Rev A)
MD41-1454 (Rev A)
MD41-1458(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1458 (Rev A)
Garmin — GPS 400/500, GNC 400, GNC 420/520
MD41-1404 (Rev A)
MD41-1404A (Rev B)
MD41-1408(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1408A(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1408 (Rev A)
MD41-1408A (Rev B)
MD41-1414 (Rev A)
MD41-1414A (Rev A)
MD41-1418(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1418A(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1418 (Rev A)
MD41-1418A (Rev A)
Garmin — GTN 6XX/7XX
MD41-1510,1511,1512,1513,1514,1515 (Rev B)
Garmin AT — CNX 80, GNS 480
MD41-1744 (Rev NR)
MD41-1748(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-1748 (Rev NR)
MD41-1754 (Rev NR)
MD41-1758 (Rev NR)
MD41-1758(5V) (Rev NR)
Garmin AT — GX 50/60, 2001( )/2101
MD41-724 (Rev NR)
MD41-728(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-728 (Rev A)
MD41-734 (Rev NR)
MD41-738(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-738 (Rev A)
MD41-1724 (Rev A)
MD41-1728(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1728 (Rev B)
MD41-1734 (Rev A)
MD41-1738(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1738 (Rev B)
Honeywell — KLN-89B/94
MD41-228 (Rev E)
MD41-229 (Rev C)
MD41-231 (Rev NR)
MD41-233 (Rev B)
MD41-235 (Rev C)
MD41-524 (Rev A)
MD41-528(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-528 (Rev A)
MD41-534 (Rev A)
MD41-538(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-538 (Rev A)
MD41-1524 (Rev NR)
MD41-1528 (Rev NR)
MD41-1528(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-1534 (Rev NR)
MD41-1538 (Rev NR)
MD41-1538(5V) (Rev NR)
Honeywell — KLN-900
MD41-924 (Rev NR)
MD41-928(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-928A (Rev A)
MD41-928 (Rev NR)
MD41-934 (Rev NR)
MD41-938(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-938 (Rev NR)
MD41-1928(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1928 (Rev A)
MD41-1938(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1938 (Rev A)
Honeywell — KLN-90B
MD41-324 (Rev NR)
MD41-328(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-328 (Rev B)
MD41-334 (Rev NR)
MD41-338(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-338 (Rev NR)
MD41-1324 (Rev NR)
MD41-1328(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1328 (Rev A)
MD41-1334 (Rev A)
MD41-1338(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1338 (Rev A)
Northstar — M3
MD41-824 (Rev NR)
MD41-828(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-828 (Rev NR)
MD41-834 (Rev NR)
MD41-838(5V) (Rev NR)
MD41-838 (Rev NR)
Remote Relay Unit
MD41-24P(14) (Rev C)
MD41-24P(28) (Rev B)
MD41-24P(28K) (Rev B)
MD41-244 (Rev B)
MD41-248 (Rev B)
Thrane & Thrane — Aviator 200/300/350
MD41-1948(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1948 (Rev B)
True Blue Power
MD41-1817 (Rev B)
MD41-1844 (Rev A)
Annunciation Control Unit — TAWS
MD41-1024 (Rev C)
MD41-1028 (Rev C)
MD41-1028(5V) (Rev C)
MD41-1034 (Rev C)
MD41-1038(5V) (Rev C)
MD41-1038 (Rev C)
Garmin — GNS 430W/530W
MD41-1048(5V) (Rev D)
MD41-1048 (Rev D)
MD41-1058(5V) (Rev D)
MD41-1058 (Rev D)
Honeywell — KGP-560/860
MD41-1204 (Rev C)
MD41-1208(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1208D(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1208D (Rev A)
MD41-1208 (Rev E)
MD41-1214 (Rev C)
MD41-1218(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1218D(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1218D (Rev A)
MD41-1218 (Rev C)
MD41-1308(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1308 (Rev F)
MD41-1318(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1318 (Rev C)
Honeywell — Mark VII
MD41-1310(5V) (Rev C)
MD41-1310 (Rev B)
MD41-1311(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1311 (Rev A)
Honeywell — Mark XXI, HTAWS
MD41-1364 (Rev B)
MD41-1368(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1368 (Rev B)
MD41-1374 (Rev B)
MD41-1378(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1378 (Rev B)
Honeywell — Mark XXII, HTAWS
MD41-1348 (Rev C)
L-3 Avionics — 8000, 8100
MD41-1104 (Rev A)
MD41-1108(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1108 (Rev D)
MD41-1114 (Rev A)
MD41-1118(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1118 (Rev D)
MD41-1124 (Rev B)
MD41-1128(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1128 (Rev C)
MD41-1134 (Rev A)
MD41-1138(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1138 (Rev C)
Sandel — ST3400
MD41-1248(5V) (Rev B)
MD41-1248 (Rev C)
MD41-1258(5V) (Rev A)
MD41-1258 (Rev A)
Attitude Gyro, Electric
4300-215 (Rev B)
4300-2X3 (Rev F)
4300-3( ) (Rev S)
4300-4( ) (Rev H)
4300-5( ) (Rev F)
4300-6( ) (Rev B)
Standby Battery, Charger/Tester, Remote Battery Mounting Kit
36029 (Rev B)
9015607 (Rev G)
9015671 (Rev A)
Attitude Gyro, Electric, 2-inch
4200-1( ) (Rev C)
Aviation Battery
TB17 (Rev J)
TB20 (Rev A)
TB30 (Rev A)
TB40 (Rev B)
TB44 (Rev L)
Battery Tester and Charger
TT43 (Rev C)
Carb Temp Indicator
MD11 (Rev J)
MD11-3K,-4K (Rev NR)
Carb Temp Probe
B-5 (Rev NR)
Clock, Digital, USB
MD93 (Rev E)
Clock, Quartz
MD-90 (Rev H)
TC120 Series (Rev F)
TC230 Series (Rev B)
TC240 Series (Rev C)
TC280 (Rev D)
TC2000 (Rev A)
Course Deviation Indicator
MD40-09 (Rev A)
MD40-32 (Rev B)
MD40-39 (Rev B)
MD40-42 (Rev B)
MD40-44 (Rev A)
MD40-62 (Rev A)
MD40-64 (Rev B)
MD40-65 (Rev B)
MD40-66 (Rev B)
MD40-67 (Rev A)
MD40-70 (Rev B)
MD40-232 (Rev C)
MD40-242 (Rev C)
MD200-6XX (Rev A)
MD200-7XX (Rev A)
MD222-4XX (Rev C)
MD222-5XX (Rev C)
Directional Gyro, Electric
3300 (Rev E)
Emergency Power Supply
TS60 (Rev C)
TS420 (Rev D)
TS420-1 (Rev B)
TS835 (Rev Q)
Battery Module
MD421-1 (Rev B)
MD421 (Rev E)
Annunciation Control Unit
MD422 (Rev D)
Annunciation Switch
9017176 (Rev D)
TI10 (Rev J)
TI250 Series (Rev L)
TI500 (Rev G)
TI1200 Series (Rev P)
TI2000 (Rev C)
Light Tray
MD31 (Rev E)
Load Indicator
MD117 (Rev D)
Outlets, AC
9018708 (Rev H)
Rate Gyro
7125-2 (Rev F)
Remote Directional Gyro
4305 (Rev G)
Standby Attitude Module (SAM)
MD302 (Rev L)
MD32 (Rev C)
Torque Indicator
MD82 (Rev F)
Turn and Slip Indicator
1234T100-TZ_Series (Rev BA)
5550-8340N1L (Rev G)
5550-8340N3L (Rev F)
5550-8340N5 (Rev P)
Turn Coordinator
1394T100-3BC (Rev B)
1394T100-3B (Rev D)
1394T100-7B (Rev C)
1394T100-7RB (Rev B)
1394T100-7RZ,-15RZ,-19RZ (Rev E)
1394T100-7Z,-3Z (Rev AV)
1394T100-8RB (Rev B)
1394T100-10RB (Rev B)
1394T100-12RB (Rev D)
1394T100-14RB (Rev C)
USB Charging Port
TA102 Series (Rev J)
TA202 Series (Rev B)
TA360 Series (Rev A)