Defense and Special Missions

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“The MQ-25 program is vital because it will help the U.S. Navy extend the range of the carrier air wing, and Boeing and our industry team is all-in on delivering this capability.”

Dave Bujold

MQ-25 Program Director

True Blue Power Gen5 TB30 Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries
True Blue Power Gen5 TB40 Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

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Custom Design

Be mission ready and leverage leading-edge technology to streamline your product development process. Our dedicated team of Mechanical, Software, Certification, and Electrical Engineers will deliver custom power solutions to meet your specific project requirements. Our game-changing processes compress your project schedule, saving you time and money.

Power the
Modern Warfighter

Start lighter, start faster, and start smarter with our lithium-ion aircraft batteries. You’ll save weight for additional combat payloads and gain ultimate reliability for higher mission availability.

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