Lithium-ion Battery Power for the Pilatus PC-24

Lithium-ion Battery Power for the Pilatus PC-24

May 10, 2021


Pilatus PC-24 Certified with High-Power, Ultra-lightweight True Blue Power® Main Ship Batteries, DC-to-AC Inverters and USB Chargers

WICHITA, Kan. — True Blue Power, the leader in certified, lithium-ion aircraft batteries, today announced the company’s power products will deliver essential power to the Pilatus PC-24, the world’s first Super Versatile Jet (SVJ). Intelligent TB40 fifth-generation (Gen5) lithium-ion main ship batteries, TA202 Series USB chargers and the TI2000 DC-to-AC inverter are certified on the aircraft.

“We are very pleased to now be able to offer the True Blue Power lithium-ion battery option to our PC-24 customers. The weight savings and operating performance add even more versatility to the Super Versatile Jet,” said Tom Aniello, Vice President of Marketing for Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd.

The Pilatus PC-24 is one of the most versatile business jets on the market. The SVJ delivers unmatched mobility, performance and comfort, while offering superior speed, range, cargo capacity and “off-road” capabilities.

“We’re proud to provide PC-24 owners and operators with the superior power, performance and reliability of the True Blue Power product line, which is lighter, more efficient and requires less maintenance than competing products,” said Erik Ritzman, Vice President of OEM Sales and Support.

More Range, Speed, Payload and Power

Two ultra-lightweight Gen5 lithium-ion main ship batteries provide the Pilatus PC-24 with engine start and emergency power. Weighing just 36.6 pounds (16.6 kg) each, the TB40 (40 amp-hour) batteries reduce aircraft empty weight by more than 84 pounds (38.1 kg). This weight savings directly transfers into increased payload capacity, which PC-24 operators can use for additional passengers, baggage, cargo or range. TB40 batteries are on-condition, maintenance free, eliminating the need for expensive scheduled battery maintenance.

True Blue Power Gen5 batteries communicate real-time state-of-health (SOH) and state-of-charge (SOC) data to the PC-24’s advanced cockpit. Gen5 batteries are Technical Standard Order (TSO) certified and provide increased reliability, longer useful life and superior hot and cold weather performance.

High-Tech Cockpit, Cabin and Galley Power

The Pilatus PC-24 features a high-tech cockpit and premium cabin that allows for easy reconfiguration, including a spacious forward galley. The True Blue Power TI2000 DC-to-AC inverter provides 2,000 watts of reliable wall-outlet power to PC-24 galley accessories. The inverter is TSO-certified, smaller, lighter and more efficient than competing units.

True Blue Power TA202 USB chargers may also be installed throughout the aircraft. The compact USB chargers complement the aircraft’s high-end interior and deliver 3 amps of USB power per port. Recently certified for the PC-24’s 10-seat commuter interior, and coming in 2022 for the executive interior, the easy-to-install chargers protect against short circuit, power surges and temperature overload.

For more information about True Blue Power’s certified power solutions, contact Erik Ritzman, Vice President of OEM Sales and Support, at 316-630-0101 or visit

About True Blue Power

True Blue Power specializes in the design and manufacturing of electrical power systems for the global aerospace industry. This includes USB and wireless chargers, power conversion products, emergency power supplies, and advanced lithium-ion batteries. Select products feature proprietary NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion battery technology, which offers stable chemistry, faster charging, consistent output, excellent cycle life and lower total cost of ownership. This translates into smaller, lighter products that are less than half the size and weight of existing battery solutions. True Blue Power supports business, commercial, defense, special mission, UAV, all-electric, hybrid-electric and eVTOL aircraft. For additional information, please visit

About Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Founded in 1939, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd is the only Swiss company to develop, produce and sell aircraft to customers around the world: from the legendary Pilatus Porter PC-6 to the best-selling single-engine turboprop in its class, the PC-12, and the PC-21, the training system of the future. The latest aircraft is the PC-24 – the world’s first ever business jet for use on short unprepared runways. Domiciled in Stans, the company is certified to ISO 14001 in recognition of its efforts for the environment. The Pilatus Group includes two independent subsidiaries in Broomfield (Colorado, USA) and Adelaide (Australia). With over 2,000 employees at its headquarters, Pilatus is one of the largest employers in Central Switzerland. Pilatus provides training for about 130 apprentices in 13 different professions – job training for young people has always been a very high priority at Pilatus.