Lock in the Fastest, Most Efficient USB Charging with New, 100-Watt Chargers

Lock in the Fastest, Most Efficient USB Charging with New, 100-Watt Chargers

September 13, 2022


True Blue Power® expands USB product line, now offers 7X more power

WICHITA, Kan. — True Blue Power, today, announced the addition of 100-watt USB-C charging ports to the company’s line of MAX Power USB Chargers (TA360 Series). Engineered with the latest Power Delivery (PD) technology, the new, 100-watt chargers deliver 7 times more power than competing products and will meet the requirements of personal electronics in the cabin and cockpit for years to come.

What does this mean for passengers and pilots?

“As new mandates require USB-C compatibility for personal electronics—and tablets and laptops need more and more power to operate—our new, 100-watt chargers fill the gap,” explained Matthew Harrah, Senior Vice President of Technology and Products for True Blue Power. “And in many cases, they are replacing AC outlets. Now, your device can get all the power it needs by directly plugging into a USB port, without a bulky charging adaptor.”

Intelligent, device-driven voltage output

True Blue Power’s 100-watt USB chargers supply 5–20 volts of power at 3–5 amps for smartphones, tablets, electronic flight bags (EFBs) and headphones. They feature intelligent, device-driven voltage output, which guarantees each device receives the maximum power needed, locking in the fastest, most efficient charging possible.

Certified in-seat, cabin, cockpit, and galley USB power

All True Blue Power USB chargers are TSO-certified and offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. They are easy to install and available in single, dual, lighted, and non-lighted configurations. For more information about True Blue Power charging ports and the company’s complete line of electrical power systems, contact Erik Ritzman, Vice President of OEM Sales and Support, at 316-630-0101 or visit truebluepowerusa.com.

About True Blue Power

True Blue Power specializes in the design and manufacturing of electrical power systems for the global aerospace industry. This includes USB and wireless chargers, power conversion products, emergency power supplies, and advanced lithium-ion batteries. Select products feature proprietary NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion battery technology, which offers stable chemistry, faster charging, consistent output, excellent cycle life and lower total cost of ownership. This translates into smaller, lighter products that are less than half the size and weight of existing battery solutions. True Blue Power supports business, commercial, defense, special mission, UAV, all-electric, hybrid-electric and eVTOL aircraft. For additional information, please visit truebluepowerusa.com.