New True Blue Power Frequency Converter Conquers the Hell Hole, Cuts Replacement Costs, and Quiets the Cabin

New True Blue Power Frequency Converter Conquers the Hell Hole, Cuts Replacement Costs, and Quiets the Cabin

March 28, 2022


NEW ORLEANS — True Blue Power today introduced a new 4,000-watt AC-to-AC frequency converter built specifically to withstand the harsh operating environment of the “Hell Hole” in large business jets, commercial and special mission aircraft. This increased reliability results in fewer AOG events and a significantly lower cost of operation and ownership.

The TFC4000 is the quietest and most efficient frequency converter on the market, and the lightest in its power class. It provides 15% more power than competing units, turning three-phase 115 VAC at 360 to 800 Hz into single-phase 115 VAC at 60 Hz. The AC-to-AC frequency converter powers outlets throughout the aircraft to support electronics and appliances, such as laptops, computer systems, TVs, vacuums, coffee makers, galley equipment and in-flight entertainment systems.

True Blue Power® TFC4000 AC-to-AC Frequency Converter Benefits

The Lightest
Weighing in at only 19.8 lbs. (9.0 kg), the TFC4000 is 30% lighter than competing converters. It is the lightest frequency converter in its power class.

The Quietest
Independent temperature and speed-controlled fans significantly reduce noise. It is the quietest frequency converter on the market.

The Most Reliable
Silicon carbide technology, custom magnetics and plenum cooling increase efficiency and protect internal components from moisture and contaminants commonly found outside the pressure vessel and in non-temperature-controlled locations, like the “Hell Hole”.

For more information about the True Blue Power TFC4000 AC-to-AC Frequency Converter, contact Erik Ritzman, Vice President of OEM Sales and Support, at 316-630-0101 or visit

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