True Blue Power Unveils 50 Amp-hour Lithium-ion, Main Ship Battery

March 19, 2024


New Gen5 TB50 is a same-size replacement for standard 44 amp-hour batteries with more power, less weight, and no maintenance

DALLAS — True Blue Power, the leading manufacturer of lithium-ion aircraft batteries, introduced the company’s newest main ship battery during the New Product Introduction session at the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) International Convention and Trade Show.

The new Gen5 TB50 Lithium-ion Aircraft Battery is a 50 amp-hour, engine-start battery. Its dimensions are equivalent to the industry standard 44 amp-hour battery, while offering more power, less weight and zero maintenance. The TB50 provides aircraft owners and operators a direct path to a lithium battery upgrade, with all the benefits the advanced technology offers.

  • More Power and Less Weight

    The TB50 weighs 50% less and delivers more amp-hours per pound than lead-acid and NiCad alternatives. It provides more power for engine starts, more energy for emergency and back-up power, and ultra-fast recharge.

  • Maintenance-free / On-condition

    The TB50 eliminates expensive battery maintenance and frequent, costly capacity checks.

  • 8 Years Useful Battery Life

    The TB50 offers up to 4x longer battery life than lead-acid and 3 years longer than NiCad batteries.

  • Real-time Monitoring and Customization

    The TB50 communicates real-time state-of-charge (SOC) and state-of-health (SOH) data to the cockpit. Field-programmable parameters enable charge current limiting and alerts for end-of-life, minimum dispatch capacity, and engine-start readiness.

  • On-Board Status Indicator

    The TB50’s battery status indicator provides SOC, battery mode, and health data without the need for aircraft power or external test equipment.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    The TB50 addresses the negative environmental impact of heavy, lead-acid and NiCad batteries. They eliminate toxic metals and acid spills, and significantly reduce carbon emissions. All True Blue Power lithium-ion batteries can be recycled or disposed of in area landfills.

The TB50 is certified to TSO-C179b, RTCA DO-311A, RTCA DO-160G and RTCA DO-178C Design Assurance Level A. The battery delivers superior reliability and performance. It is ideal for use in rugged environments and outperforms all other aircraft batteries in extreme temperatures, from -40°C to +70°C.

Gen5 TB50 Lithium-ion Aircraft Battery Technical Specifications:

50Ah (at 23°C/73°F)

43.9 pounds

10.9” L x 11.8” W x 10.1” H

Charge Voltage
28 VDC

Output Voltage
26.4 VDC

Output Current
460A continuous (1500A max)

The True Blue Power Gen5 TB50 Lithium-ion Aircraft Battery will be on display throughout the Aircraft Electronics Association (AEA) International Convention and Trade Show booth 413, March 19 – 22. For more information, contact Van Winter, Director of Aftermarket Sales and Support, at 316-630-0101 or visit

About True Blue Power

True Blue Power specializes in the custom design and manufacturing of power solutions for the global aerospace industry. This includes USB charging ports, inverters, voltage converters, emergency power supplies and advanced lithium-ion batteries. Select products feature proprietary NanoPhosphate® lithium-ion battery technology, which offers stable chemistry, faster charging, consistent output, excellent cycle life and superior cost performance — this translates into smaller, lighter products that are less than half the size and weight of existing solutions. For additional information, please visit