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How the Exchange Program Works

You can place an overhaul/exchange order online — 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Or, if preferred, you can contact a customer service representative at either of our two locations:

+1.316.630.0101       800.821.1212
+1.818.786.0300       800.345.7599

Once the order is completed, an overhauled instrument is shipped by the carrier of your choice.

Billing is calculated at the exchange price. There are no additional repair charges and crediting is not required if an acceptable* exchange instrument is shipped to us within 30 days. In some cases a core deposit may be required and will be refunded upon receipt of an acceptable core.

If the return unit is corroded, excessively damaged or missing the data plate/serial number, it is not a repairable core and you should advise the aircraft owner immediately. Contact a Mid-Continent representative for alternative pricing for a new or replacement unit, if available.

* You must return a core unit to Mid-Continent with the exact same part number as the overhauled instrument within 30 days to receive the exchange price.

Program Benefits
  • Competitive prices
  • Same-day shipment
  • Faster turnaround than factory exchanges
  • All rotors replaced during gyro overhaul
  • All bearings replaced with new precision bearings
  • All units rebuilt to meet or exceed original factory specifications
  • All units overhauled by experienced technicians
  • Flexible one-year limited warranty