Business Aviation

“We are very pleased to now be able to offer the True Blue Power lithium-ion battery option to our PC-24 customers. The weight savings and operating performance add even more versatility to the Super Versatile Jet.”

Tom Aniello

Vice President of Marketing
Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd.

True Blue Power Gen5 TB40 Advanced Lithium-ion Battery
True Blue Power TA202 USB Charger
True Blue Power TI2000 DC-to-AC Inverter

Supplier to the World’s Top Business Aircraft Manufacturers

Custom Design

Streamline your product development process and leverage leading-edge technology. Our dedicated team of Mechanical, Software, Certification, and Electrical Engineers will develop unique solutions to meet your specific project requirements. Our game-changing processes compress your project schedule, saving you time and money.

Start Lighter. Start Faster. Start Smarter.

Explore our True Blue Power product line and shop the lightest, most reliable, certified power solutions for Business Aviation. No other company has more experience in the design and certification of lithium-ion technology in aerospace applications.

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