Defense and Special Missions

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“The MQ-25 program is vital because it will help the U.S. Navy extend the range of the carrier air wing, and Boeing and our industry team is all-in on delivering this capability.”

Dave Bujold

MQ-25 Program Director

True Blue Power Gen5 TB30 Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries
True Blue Power Gen5 TB40 Advanced Lithium-ion Batteries

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Custom Design

Be mission ready and leverage leading-edge technology to streamline your product development process. Our dedicated team of Mechanical, Software, Certification, and Electrical Engineers will deliver unique solutions to meet your specific project requirements. Our game-changing processes compress your project schedule, saving you time and money.

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Modern Warfighter

Start lighter, start faster, and start smarter with True Blue Power lithium-ion aircraft batteries. You’ll save weight for additional combat payloads and gain ultimate reliability for higher mission availability.

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