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True Blue Power® Certifies Another 28-volt Lithium Emergency Power Supply with 5-volt Output

WICHITA, Kan. — True Blue Power has certified the TS835-5 lithium-ion emergency power supply with 28-volt output plus integrated 5-volt output for special lighting requirements. New lithium-ion technology creates a lightweight power supply that is a direct replacement for heavier, lead-acid PS-855 models, which require frequent maintenance and have considerably shorter life expectancies. The TS835-5 automatically recharges during normal flight operations and provides uninterrupted power to flight-critical avionics during an electrical system interruption or failure.

"The TS835-5 has been developed in direct response to customer requirements for an emergency power supply with 5-volt output for instrument panel lighting," explained True Blue Power’s Tom Genovese. "It utilizes the same rack, connector, wire harness, OFF/ARM/TEST switch as the PS-855. It is 66% lighter, much easier to service and has an unparalleled life expectancy of 10 years. So, it’s an obvious cost-saving alternative,” Genovese added. “All this is made possible by our Friendly Lithium™ technology and our very advanced electronics.”

The TS835 Series (TS835-1, TS835-5) utilizes breakthrough Nanophosphate® lithium-ion cell chemistry, which offers considerable advantages over lead-acid chemistry. A significant weight savings contributes to payload efficiency, while the improved life expectancy is more than double that of legacy models. “The TS835-5’s extended service life and relatively low-maintenance requirements justify the notion that the unit virtually pays for itself over time," Genovese added.

The TS835-5 was specifically designed for a broad range of business aircraft, including Cessna Citations, the Pilatus PC 12, and rotor-wing models, such as Bell Helicopter and Sikorsky. It is TSO C179 certified and Part 23 AML STC pending.

For more information about True Blue Power products, contact Tom Genovese, Director of Sales, at 316-630-0101, or visit

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