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True Blue Power® Introduces New and Improved Battery Tester, Charger

WICHITA, Kan. — True Blue Power introduced an affordable, new benchtop test set that doubles as a battery recharger, the TT43. The compact 2-inch by 4-inch by 5-inch unit features a large LCD display, its own AC adapter and a two-year warranty.

The TT43 was created specifically to test and charge Mid-Continent Instrument Company’s 4300 Series Lifesaver® and TS420 Series battery packs. It is equipped with a microcontroller that allows technicians to vary the definition of the batteries being tested or charged. More than just a test set, the TT43 can charge two batteries simultaneously. This eliminates the time-consuming task of using a voltmeter and timer to manually assess the charge level of a battery. It provides an independent charge for the TS420 or a larger TS420-1 emergency backup battery through two front-facing plug-ins, and easy-to-read voltage and current level information on its LCD display. The unit includes red/green pass/fail indicator lights and features overload and short circuit protection.

“The TT43 is another example of our commitment to develop and offer equipment that supports useful technology. It provides avionics maintenance and installation shops with an economically priced and durable piece of equipment,” stated True Blue Power’s John Gallman.

For more information about the TT43 Battery Tester and Charger, contact Tom Genovese, Director of Sales, at 316-630-0101. For more information about True Blue Power and its expanding line of products, visit

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