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Innovation Brings Safe, Certified, Nanophosphate® Lithium Batteries to New Business Aircraft

ORLANDO, Fla. — True Blue Power is the first company in the world to achieve FAA TSO and EASA ETSO certifications for three sophisticated lithium-ion battery products. The TS835 Series Emergency Power Supply received certification in April 2010, followed by the TB17 (17 amp hour) main ship battery in February 2014, and the most recently certified TB44 (44 amp hour) main ship battery.

As the number of True Blue Power’s certified lithium-ion products continues to grow, the incorporation of this advanced technology by airframe manufacturers gains momentum. It offers a key to achieving the ‘more electric aircraft’. True Blue Power is in the process of integrating the TB17 and TB44 on 11 OEM business jet and rotorcraft platforms. The company’s aftermarket STC certification plan includes Beechcraft Bonanza and King Air, Cessna Caravan, Pilatus PC-12, and the Bombardier Dash-8.

True Blue Power lithium-ion products use proprietary Nanophosphate® chemistry that was developed at MIT and commercialized by A123 Systems, LLC. Safety is addressed at multiple levels including chemistry, cell design, containment, and the integration of sophisticated electronic protection systems.

“Aircraft design teams strategically use this new technology to reduce battery weight by 40%, extend aircraft range, and improve payload options, all while significantly reducing carbon emissions. This is a key technology that can help make aviation more economical and facilitate safe ‘more electric aircraft’ systems,” said Rick Slater, True Blue Power Division Manager.

True Blue Power products offer significant weight savings compared to older, lead-acid and nickel-cadmium alternatives. Lithium-ion cells offer superior energy density, delivering 3 times the energy per kilogram when compared to lead acid. True Blue Power products are engineered to provide an overall lower cost of ownership with 50 – 75 percent less scheduled maintenance cost. This is the result of increased durability, 2-year maintenance intervals, efficient engine starts and gaining 2 – 3 times longer useful battery life.

“We’ve gained invaluable knowledge over the last eight years researching, developing, designing and manufacturing lithium-ion products. That experience has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of the challenges this technology faces within the aviation industry. It has led to our meeting—or in many cases exceeding—the requirements necessary for safety and regulatory certification,” said Slater.

Visit the True Blue Power booth #3699 throughout the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention and Exhibition, October 21 – 23 at the Orange Country Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

For more information about True Blue Power products, contact Rick Slater, True Blue Power Division Manager, at 316-630-0101 or visit

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