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True Blue Power Lithium-ion Main Aircraft Batteries to Power Beechcraft Bonanzas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. — At the company’s National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) press conference today, True Blue Power announced the receipt of a Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA) Part 23 Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation of the True Blue Power TB17 (17 amp-hour) lithium-ion aircraft battery on the Beechcraft A36 Bonanza. True Blue Power has applied for U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bilateral acceptance of the same STC for use on U.S.-based aircraft.

“This certification is a significant milestone for us,” said Rick Slater, True Blue Power Division Manager. “It provides the baseline for subsequent STC processes on a long list of aircraft applications awaiting True Blue Power lithium-ion batteries.”

The TB17 utilizes Nanophosphate® lithium-ion chemistry to provide unmatched power, energy, safety and life. The advanced battery system weighs less than 16 pounds, delivering a 45 percent weight savings compared to lead-acid and nickel-cadmium alternatives.

“The advantages offered by Nanophosphate® lithium-ion chemistry are numerous and impressive, but the most significant is undoubtedly safety,” Slater noted. “It is more chemically stable and does not produce high levels of heat or oxygen, even in the rare event of battery over-temperature or over-voltage. In addition to advanced chemistry, the TB17 is engineered with several layers of protection. It’s a smart pack,” Slater explained. “Safety is addressed at multiple levels including chemistry, cell design, containment, and the integration of sophisticated electronic protection systems.”

The TB17 requires less maintenance and delivers cooler engine starts, faster recharge rates, and better high-temperature and cold weather performance when compared to lead-acid batteries. This results in a considerable cost savings for the operator, specifically when amortized over the extended service life of the battery.

For more information about True Blue Power and advanced lithium-ion power solutions, visit the True Blue Power booth #C9639 throughout the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Convention and Exhibition, November 17 – 19 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, or contact Rick Slater, True Blue Power Division Manager, at 316-630-0101.

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