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Kannad ELT Battery Replacement

February 12, 2024


This article explains Kannad Emergency Locator Transmitter battery replacement, a common challenge among aircraft operators, and outlines the process Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics uses to keep your ELTs in top-notch condition.

Why Maintaining the Battery in Your ELT Matters

At Mid-Continent, we specialize in the repair, overhaul and exchange of critical instruments and avionics, including Emergency Locator Transmitters. As a certified repair facility for Kannad products, we receive many questions about battery replacement for ELTs, and understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the unit.

Kannad’s ELT batteries are not rechargeable. Therefore, you should follow the annual Periodic Inspection Policy recommended by Kannad to determine the voltage and capacity of your battery. If no issues or error codes arise during periodic inspection, your ELT battery should be replaced every 6 1/2 years. Make note that some Civil Aviation Authorities may require your ELT battery be tested or replaced more regularly than outlined in the manufacturer’s policy.

The Battery Replacement Process

When an ELT comes in for battery replacement, our team doesn’t simply swap out the battery. The process includes several important steps to confirm that all ELT functions are working properly.

Replacing All Seals

Replacing All Seals

All seals on the ELT are replaced. This ensures the unit remains watertight and functional in emergency situations.

Replacing the Incandescent

Replacing the Incandescent

The incandescent is a foam-like substance that is used when replacing the ELT battery. It absorbs any moisture that could enter the unit. Replacing the incandescent is a crucial step in returning a proper functioning ELT.

Resetting the Counter

Resetting the Counter

The counter indicates how many times the unit has been activated, either in real emergencies or during tests. Resetting the counter is crucial for accurate tracking of the unit's usage.

Water Testing

Water Testing

After the battery is replaced, every ELT goes through water testing. This test demonstrates that the unit is fully sealed and water will not enter the ELT, if submerged.

Certification and Assurance

After the replacement and testing process is complete, each unit is returned with a signed 8130 airworthiness certificate, certifying that the unit is ready for installation into your aircraft.

Choosing Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics for ELT battery replacement means entrusting your safety equipment to experts. Our process includes the comprehensive servicing of each unit to deliver a reliable ELT that is ready to be reinstalled in your aircraft.

Frequently Asked ELT Questions

Can I replace my own ELT battery?

This isn’t advised. Your battery should be replaced by a certified professional who understands proper handling and functionality.

How often do ELT batteries need to be replaced?

ELT batteries should be tested and replaced according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule. For example, Kannad ELT batteries must be replaced every 6.5 years. When the battery is replaced, the new replacement date is updated and attached to the ELT case. 

What is the useful life of an ELT battery?

Regular maintenance checks are crucial for battery health. While there are many variables that impact the life of an ELT, you should always follow manufacturer recommended maintenance schedules. 

How do you know if an ELT has been used for more than one hour?

Usage of an ELT is shown by the counter that records activation time. Resetting this counter is part of the battery replacement process at Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics.