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Mid-Continent Instruments has radar in its sights

WICHITA, Kan. — Mid-Continent Instruments announces the addition of weather radar capabilities, including calibration, overhaul, repair and exchange. The instruments leader is expanding its equipment and employees to incorporate the additional services.

Mid-Continent Instruments is aggressively growing its avionics repair capabilities and offering its customers factory-level support on legacy equipment, beginning with Bendix/King radars — the receiver and transmitter in the RDR 2000 and RDR 2100 digital weather radar systems (the ART 2000 and ART 2100 respectively). The capability for RDS series weather sensors, receivers and transmitters for the RDS81, -82, -84 and -86 solid-state weather radar systems will follow.

The company’s advanced environmental chamber can test the ART 2000/2100 to temperatures between -55°C and +77°C. Mid-Continent’s vacuum chamber tests radars at altitude ranges between -1,000 feet and 55,000 feet, minimizing the risk of RF arcing. Typical testing performed without a vacuum chamber cannot detect the RF arcing that can occur at higher altitudes.

Tom Genovese, Mid-Continent Instruments director of sales, said, “Adding this service provides our customers with another source for repairs featuring competitive pricing and the convenience of fast turn times. We have purchased the test equipment and hired experienced, dedicated radar technicians. Exchange units are in stock, ready to ship the same day an order is placed.”

For more information on Mid-Continent Instruments’ new radar capabilities, contact Bruce Grammon, avionics lab manager for Mid-Continent Instruments, at 316-630-0101 or visit

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