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Stay Oriented to Maximize Your Instrument Upset Recovery Training

Mesa, Arizona (PRWEB) — Aviation Performance Solutions (APS) Announces Integration of the Mid-Continent Standby Attitude Module (SAM®) into its North American Fleet of Stall and Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) Airplanes - Effective Pilot UPRT Mitigates the Loss of Control In-Flight (LOC-I) Threat to the Traveling Public, the Leading Cause of Crash-Related Fatalities in Commercial Aviation Worldwide over the Past 10 Years.

Aviation Performance Solutions LLC (APS), a specialized professional pilot flight training organization, announced today the equipping of all it’s North American training aircraft with the Standby Attitude Module (SAM®) as part of a multi-year partnership with Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics. This instrumentation advancement further enhances the pilot’s APS instrument recovery training experience.

Aviation Performance Solutions delivers rigorous upset prevention and recovery training solutions to more than 1,000 pilots annually. APS primarily trains professional pilots from business aviation, government agency and airline pilot career fields. The necessity of durable, capable and accurate attitude information in the highly dynamic domain of all-attitude flight operations is crucial to both training quality and business success. The Mid-Continent Standby Attitude Module (SAM®) passed intensive quality assurance upset recovery testing profiles at APS with flying colors, outpacing the comparable instrumentation of other leading industry providers. SAM® is a solid-state, self-contained instrument that provides attitude, altitude, airspeed and slip information to the pilot during normal operation or in the case of primary instrument failure. SAM's small size and selectable orientation (horizontal and vertical) allows for flexible cockpit design and installation. For more information on the SAM®, please visit:

“The Mid-Continent SAM® is an impressive piece of safety equipment. We have put the device through it’s paces in several thousand unusual attitude excursions over the past two months of testing. The SAM® is the only device we tested that we can fully endorse and use without reservation or limitation in our upset recovery training program,” said Paul BJ Ransbury, president of Aviation Performance Solutions, 4-time Aerobatic Master Certified Flight Instructor, former military fighter pilot and commercial airline pilot. “Loss of control in-flight is the leading cause of fatalities in commercial and general aviation worldwide. Pilots must know and understand their flight attitude in an airplane upset event to effectively intervene and stop the situation from progressing into control loss”.

“Mid-Continent is dedicated to improving safety of flight operations at all levels of aviation. It is rewarding for our team to partner with Aviation Performance Solutions knowing the integration of the SAM® in APS training services is contributing to saving lives and reducing the risk of loss of control in-flight for many private and professional pilots,” said Cindy Highbarger, Vice President of Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics.

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